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Local Search Engine Optimization For Yucaipa, Redlands and The Inland Empire

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This Google Search screen shot is meant to illustrate the difference between paid Google Ad-words  and Google Plus for business. First lets look at the Google Ad-words paid advertisement in the shaded red area.

Google Ad-words is a proven, page one, guaranteed method in that companies are positioned based on bid price paid, the highest bid gets the best position on the page so you can have it for the highest price, per click (Pay Per Click). This is most favored by Google for this is a large portion of their business model.  These ads work some of the time and statistics on how effective are debated even in spite of the best position on the page, the click through is not always the best. If we take a look at the results delivered from a search for the key term “Dentist” we will see some apply locally to Yucaipa CA where the search was ran, though most of the results are not relevant to us in Yucaipa because the bid was won by a national ad campaign or a far away regional Search Engine Marketing campaign (SEM).

Google Plus For Business is the most relevant and local search results served up by google as we can see, all are from Yucaipa CA. We only searched for Dentist and the rest is IP driven to return a Geo specific result for Yucaipa CA. There are many factors involved in why a local company is ranked at the top of the list in G+. This should give an idea of why Google+ for Business is such a valuable place to be ranking. Wild Mouse Design is here to help you with ranking above your competitors and with an effective marketing message for a high click through rate.

As you may have noticed by now Wild Mouse Design is passionate about local search engine optimization for Yucaipa, Redlands and the entire Inland Empire California. Our business model focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Web Design for the Inland Empire area, this allows us to meet with our clients every month, face to face, to go over results of the previous month and our personalized strategies going forward.

Local Search Results

Yucaipa Internet MarketingGoogle is by far the most searched of all search engines, Bing and Yahoo are also highly used we have experienced that when optimizing that ranking high on Google for a specific search term can be slightly different approach because Yahoo and Bing respond differently than Google. Wild Mouse Design is here to help your local small business compete with anyone online big company or small.